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DK-LOK Quarter Turn Plug Valves

DK-LOK quarter turn plug valves offer low-torque operation in a straight forward, compact design that provides positive shutoff of unidirectional flow with up to 3000 psig (206 bar) pressure. Favorable features include a straight-through flow path, throttling capability, easy to clean and maintain, one-piece body with a replaceable plug assembly and a variety of O-ring… Read more »

V15 Series Needle Valves

DK-Lok forged body needle valves offer precise fluid system flow control with pressure capability up to 5,000 PSI.  Hard chrome plated stem threads assure long service life with a choice of three stem types; metal to metal Vee stem, metal to metal Regulating stem and repetitive soft seat Kel-F stem for gas service.  Available in… Read more »

DK-LOK Bleed Purge Valves

DK-LOK VBV Series Bleed Valves are designed to vent the signal line pressure to atmosphere before an instrument is removed, and to assist in calibration of control devices. These are typically used on instrumentation devices such as gauge root valves and multi-valve manifolds and are available in Carbon and Stainless Steel with pressure to 10,000… Read more »

CNG/NGV Valves VCH86 Series Alternative Fuel Service Ball Valve

The DK-Lok VCH86 Alternative Fuel Ball Valve is specifically designed for the CNG/NGV market.  Wetted components are compatible with compressed natural gas (CNG), liquid petroleum gas, gaseous and liquid hydrogen.  It incorporates a very sturdy body with end connections manufactured from stainless 316 bar stock.  This valve carries many industry certificates for meeting industry requirements,… Read more »

VG16 Series General Utility Service Needle Valves

DK-LOK VG16 Series General Utility Service Needle Valves isolates and vents the system media in instrument air, nitrogen header, lube oil, and general utility service applications in the oil and gas, petrochemical, and other general industrial markets. This design is compact and sturdy, has a sintered molded handle for operational convenience, has a stainless steel… Read more »

Face Seal, Micro-Fit Weld, and Tube Weld fittings

DK-lok offers a complete line of Face Seal, Micro-Fit Weld, and Tube Weld fittings for “Clean” industry applications such as the Semi-conductor, Bio-Tech and Pharmaceutical industries. These products provide a high purity metal to metal seal with leak tight performance from vacuum service to positive pressures. Available in several grades of material with special cleaning… Read more »

DK-Lok JIC Flare Fittings


DK-Lok JIC Flare fittings meet the strict requirements of SAE J514 industry standards for 37° flare fittings.  The simple design incorporates a flared tube end, body adapter, sleeve and nut capable of sealing fluid media under high pressure. The 37° JIC fitting design results in a compact design requiring low assembly torque with high pressure… Read more »

VS13 Non-Rotating Needle Valve

Features: Compact and sturdy design The handle design prevents contamination during operation. Orifice sizes are 0.145″ (3.7 mm) and 0.216″ (5.5 mm). DK-Lok Tube Fitting, male NPT, female NPT, and others are available.   Click here to view the catalog

Excess Flow Valves

DK-Lok VX36 Series Excess Flow Valves are designed to stop uncontrolled release of system fluid on downstream line rupture. The VX36 has a stainless steel construction, a pressure up to 6,000 psig (413 bar), and a temperature rating up to 400 °F (204 °C) The spring-loaded poppet design allows for the valve to be used… Read more »

DK-Lok V73/V76 Filters

  DK-Lok V73 Series In-Line Filters and V76 Series Tee Filters are pressure rated up to 3000 psig (206 bar) and 6000 psig (413 bar), respectively.     Features: • Traps fine contamination to maintain system purity • Gas and liquid filtration • Standard micron filtering ranges • Sintered Elements : 0.5, 2, 7, 15, 60 and 90 micron • Strainer Elements : 40,140,230 and 440 micron • Replaceable SS316 sintered and starainer elements • SS316 and Brass body construction • Choice of reliable DK-Lok, NPT & ISO pipe end connections • Heat Code Traceability Click here to view our catalog