V63/66 Relief Valve

V63 Specs: Maximum working pressure: 300 psig @ 68°F (20.6 bar @ 20°C) Cracking pressure range: 10 to 225 psig (0.68 to 15.5 bar) V66 Specs: Maximum working pressure: 6,000 psig @ 68°F (413 bar @ 20°C) Orifice size: 3.4 mm (0.13 in.) Cracking pressure range: 50 to 6,000 psig (15.1 to 413 bar) View… Read more »

DK-LOK® USA Instrumentation Fittings and Valves

Fittings and Valves. Global Top 3. Customers around the world love DK-LOK’s instrumentation fittings and valves for their consistent and impeccable quality. DK-LOK meticulously manages its product quality through statistical process control. We check product consistency by measuring critical dimensions with datum gauges periodically resulting in less than 10 faulty units for every 1 million… Read more »

DK-LOK® USA Ultra High Purity (UHP)

Class-100 clean rooms to Class-10 assembly room, DK-LOK’s distinguished facilities do not allow even a speck of foreign particles. We believe that ultra high purity products for semiconductors require impeccable manufacturing infrastructure. As such, we made a full scale investment for our state-of-the-art production facilities. Through statistical process control we periodically monitor critical factors of… Read more »

DK-LOK® Ball Valves

Anyone can make products that look similar but no one can replicate the quality of DK-LOK Ball Valves. Italian ball valve designs make the most reliable and advanced products in the world. Korea is know for its world-class precision manufacturing. The Italian Design came together with Korean manufacturing technologies to produce this masterpiece, the DK-LOK… Read more »

DK-LOK Corporate Video

In 1986, few paid attention to the inception of this small company. However, the company broke barriers with its R&D efforts, fostered outstanding technical expertise evidenced by patents and certifications, implemented impeccable process control with near zero defect rate and upheld its dedication to consistent quality. Also, the company made its job to satisfy customers… Read more »

VH86 Ball Valve

High flow in a compact design with high-pressure capacity designed with a blow-out proof with internally loaded ball stem Micro-finished ball provides a positive seal and 90-degree actuation for 2-way and 180-degree actuation for 3-way ball valves Panel mounting as standard, chevron stem seal, adjustable stem packing with the handle removed – *Handle indicates flow direction… Read more »

V81 Ball Valve

image of v81 ball valve

Compact bar-stock construction for high integrity Blow-out proof design with internally loaded stem, Floating Ball design providing seat wear compensation, and micro-finished ball ensures a leak-tight shut-off on pressure Ambient Working Pressure – 1,000 PSI (Optional TFM seats to 2,000 PSI) Standard lever handle, optional locking lever, butterfly and dielectric handle View V81 Ball Valve Catalog

V83 Ball Valve

Pressure and temperature compensating seat design. Swing-out design for fast and easy maintenance with the valve in-line. 2-way (on-off) valves with quarter-turn actuation. View V83 Ball Valve Catalog

V86 Ball Valve

High pressure up to 10,000 psi (689 bar) and a blowout proof design with an internally loaded stem. Handle indicates the flow direction and positive stop with a robust stop pin. High flow rate with maximum orifice with various end ports including DK-LOK® tube port and various flow control with side and bottom inlet port… Read more »

VG82 Ball Valve

image of vg82 ball valve

Analytical market requiring a valve with the lowest dead volume to prevent fluid entrapment which can cause contamination Control Sampling Systems, and Process Instrumentation market requiring a valve with compact size, high flow capacity and a directional indication of flow Every valve is factory tested with nitrogen gas at 1,000 psig (68.9 bar) for leakage… Read more »

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