V15 Needle Valve

V15 Needle Valves

Hard chrome-plated stem threads assures extended service life with metal-to-metal Vee & Regulating stems for elevated temperatures Repetitive soft seat for gas, leak-tight with reliable DK-LOK® Tube Fitting Ends and NPT & ISO Male & Female Choice of Round handle and Bar handle, packing nut Allows external adjustments of packing, panel nut allows panel installation… Read more »

VH36 Check Valve

photo of vh36 vch36 fitting

Fixed spring settings of 1/3,#, 1#, 5#, 10# & 25# as standard; other options available Reliable DK-LOK® Tube Fitting, NPT, and ISO pipe end connections Stainless Steel material construction View Check Valve Catalog

DK-LOK® UNIQUE Back Ferrule Technology

DK-LOK®’s UNIQUE Back Ferrule Technology Makes All the DIFFERENCE in the World! Many things are important when it comes to producing a leak free two ferrule compression fitting. Nothing is more important than back ferrule technology. DK-LOK® stainless steel two ferrule tube fittings incorporate the most proven back ferrule design ever manufactured. DK-LOK has a… Read more »

VEX110 Needle Valve

Photo of VEX110 Needle Valve

Premium four (4) component sealing with a unique pressure reacting sealing system eliminates the need for packing adjustment Sealing cup energizes with system pressure for leak-tight operation and a backseat stem design preventing stem blowout High precision machining provides low valve operating torque, with stem packing located below the stem threads preventing thread lubricant washout and… Read more »

Calibration Fittings

photo of calibration fitting

DK-LOK® Calibration Fittings connect directly to the bleed port of a differential pressure transmitter, helping to simplify the calibration process. Two sizes of threads are available to fit the vent port of Yokogawa/Rosemount, and Honeywell differential pressure transmitters. The conical metal-to-metal sealing face on the straight thread requires no PTFE tape. View Tube Fitting Catalog

Dielectric Unions

Photo of Dielectric Union

The DK-LOK® Dielectric tube fitting is designed to apply where static electrical currents flowing through a pipe or tubing line must be interrupted to protect instruments. The DK-LOK® Dielectric tube fitting is commonly used in natural gas transmission stations where they are installed on impulse lines. This fitting interrupts cathodic current flow while permitting full fluid flow. View Tube… Read more »

V64 Relief Valve

Photo of Relief Valve 64

Wide Media Applications: Air, Gas, CNG, and Liquid Relief applications High-Performance Soft Seat: provides repetitive and reliable bubble-tight seal Constructed of Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel, along with a protective painted surface Working Pressure: 6,000 psig (413 bar); Cracking Pressure Range: 15 to 5,500 psig (1.03 to 379 bar) Every valve is factory tested for… Read more »

V63/66 Relief Valve

Photo of Relief Valve V63 V66

V63 Specs: Maximum working pressure: 300 psig @ 68°F (20.6 bar @ 20°C) Cracking pressure range: 10 to 225 psig (0.68 to 15.5 bar) V66 Specs: Maximum working pressure: 6,000 psig @ 68°F (413 bar @ 20°C) Orifice size: 3.4 mm (0.13 in.) Cracking pressure range: 50 to 6,000 psig (15.1 to 413 bar) View… Read more »

DK-LOK® USA Instrumentation Fittings and Valves

Video of USA Instrumentation Fittings from DK-LOK

Fittings and Valves. Global Top 3. Customers around the world love DK-LOK’s instrumentation fittings and valves for their consistent and impeccable quality. DK-LOK meticulously manages its product quality through statistical process control. We check product consistency by measuring critical dimensions with datum gauges periodically resulting in less than 10 faulty units for every 1 million… Read more »

DK-LOK® USA Ultra High Purity (UHP)

Video of USA Ultra High Purity (UHP) from DK-LOK

Class-100 clean rooms to Class-10 assembly room, DK-LOK’s distinguished facilities do not allow even a speck of foreign particles. We believe that ultra high purity products for semiconductors require impeccable manufacturing infrastructure. As such, we made a full scale investment for our state-of-the-art production facilities. Through statistical process control we periodically monitor critical factors of… Read more »

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