Custom Solutions

Engineering available to assist you in a new design or modification or enhancement of an existing design Engineering and production to make specific products for system enhancement  Applicable to all Industries including  Oil & Gas, Natural Gas, Alternative Fuels Using all DK-LOK® high-quality materials and pressure tested to ensure a leak-free connection Providing all of the… Read more »

Tube Clamps

Tube Clamps

Excellent general corrosion resistance, high strength-to-weight ratio, and remarkable ductility, stainless steel has become the predominant material choice for hydraulic and instrumentation tubing Two grades of stainless steel tubing that are most commonplace are dual certified 304/L and 316/L. These commodity grades can be found in use in a multitude of applications within countless industries… Read more »

Oxygen Clean Fittings and Valves

Oxygen Clean Fittings and Valves

Passivation is done in accordance with ASTM A380, Ultra-sonic cleaning in a class 100 clean room environment, implemented with resistivity over 18M D.I water after finishing the passivation for precision cleaning, the product then receives double packaging in a clean room environment using anti-static polyethylene bags and high purity nitrogen inclusion Accommodates the miniature tubing… Read more »

Tools and Accessories

Tools and Accessories

Applying a cold-weather liquid leak detector product to a pressurized connection, the formation of bubbles at the connection location will expose even the slightest leak, making this is a vital tool for any manufacturing or industrial operation Our leak detection products are made to offer detection abilities up to a temperature of -65 degrees Fahrenheit… Read more »



DK-LOK® offers a wide range of all Stainless Steel Industrial and Process Pressure Gauges All DK-LOK® gauges come standard dual scale psi/bar and either Dry or Liquid filled The DK63/DK10 & DK45 are all built around the same engine…our Bourdon Tube pushes the limits of industry excellence View DK63 / DK10 View DK45

V33 Check Valve

V33 Check Valves

Inline check valves with fixed and adjustable cracking pressure settings Reliable DK-LOK® Two Ferrule and Single Ferrule Tube Fitting, Male and Female NPT, British Standard Pipe Tapered, British Standard Pipe Parallel, and SAE O-Ring Boss Seal pipe end connections Stainless Steel, Brass and Exotic Alloy, and NACE® body material construction FKM and NBR standard elastomer… Read more »

V15 Needle Valve

V15 Needle Valves

Hard chrome-plated stem threads assure extended service life with metal-to-metal Vee & Regulating stems for elevated temperatures Repetitive soft seat for gas, leak-tight with reliable DK-LOK® Tube Fitting Ends and NPT & ISO Male & Female Choice of Round handle and Bar handle, packing nut Allows external adjustments of packing, panel nut allows panel installation… Read more »

VH36 Check Valve

photo of vh36 vch36 fitting

Fixed spring settings of 1/3,#, 1#, 5#, 10# & 25# as standard; other options available Reliable DK-LOK® Tube Fitting, NPT, and ISO pipe end connections Stainless Steel material construction View Check Valve Catalog

DK-LOK® UNIQUE Back Ferrule Technology

DK-LOK®’s UNIQUE Back Ferrule Technology Makes All the DIFFERENCE in the World! Many things are important when it comes to producing a leak free two ferrule compression fitting. Nothing is more important than back ferrule technology. DK-LOK® stainless steel two ferrule tube fittings incorporate the most proven back ferrule design ever manufactured. DK-LOK has a… Read more »

VEX110 Needle Valve

Photo of VEX110 Needle Valve

Premium four (4) component sealing with a unique pressure reacting sealing system eliminates the need for packing adjustment Sealing cup energizes with system pressure for leak-tight operation and a backseat stem design preventing stem blowout High precision machining provides low valve operating torque, with stem packing located below the stem threads preventing thread lubricant washout and… Read more »